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Doctor woman giving botox injections. Isolated.Relax your mind, body and soul at Phenix Salon Suites. The professionals at Phenix Salon Suites keep up-to-date on the newest, cutting edge developments in the field of skin care to provide the best services possible.

A luxurious ambiance greets all clients that walk in the door. With dramatic water features that set the mood, brilliant lighting, an upscale interior appearance and multiple seating areas, you will feel comfort around every corner.

The skin care services provided by our professionals vary based on the professional you choose and the services they provide. Please click below on any button to find a professional and a list of the services they offer. Please note that prices are also dependent on the professional and can vary.


Fractional Dermabrasian

Chemical Peel

Skin Growth and Capillaries

Removal and Microdermabrasian